Health, Safety and Environment

At Ryan Civil Contracting, a commitment to occupational health, safety and the environment is part of our business.

This is achieved through; complying with statutory requirements, codes, standards and guidelines; setting up objectives and targets with the aim of eliminating work related incidents in relation to our activities, products & services; and defining roles and responsibilities for occupational health, safety and environment.





Quality Management Systems

Ryan Civil Contracting has developed a policy that identifies our commitment to quality and continuous improvement. The policy provides the framework for the maintenance of our objectives in quality and communicates our approach to quality.

Our quality management system provides a framework for addressing:

  • The availability of information and resources necessary to support our operations,
  • The requirement for understanding the needs of our industry and our clients,
  • The design and development of services to meet market requirements,
  • The selection and training of staff and contractors to maintain high standards of quality,
  • The maintenance of continuous quality inspection and testing practices
  • Regulatory compliance,
  • The monitoring our client’s level of satisfaction after completion of work,
  • The need to ensure that, not only our immediate clients but also, other stakeholders benefit from the quality of our work,
  • The setting and reviewing of measurable business objectives,
  • The commitment to continuous improvement and suitability of our management system.
  • Our company’s underlying principle of quality control is the quality management cycle.

Ryan Civil Contracting implements and encourages employees to ensure quality management procedures is part of our daily work activities.

ISO Certification