Project: Lawnton Industrial Development - Stage 2

Location: Paisley Drive, Lawnton 

Client: Astute Projects 

Date: October 2013  

Project Description: This project consisted of the entire internal civil works package for as well as external road widening to Moreton Bay Regional Shire Council standards. 

Project Summary: 

  • 1KM of stormwater drainage 
  • Site clearance 15,000m2 
  • Load/haul topsoil off site 2,000m3 
  • Load/haul overburden spoil off site 19,000m3 
  • Cut to fill 10,000m3 
  • Excavation and backfilling for detention tank 
  • 800m of stormwater drainage 
  • 400m2 bio-retention basin 
  • 6,000m2 of building pad base course preparation 
  • 3,800m2 of base course preparation of concrete yards 
  • 250m of road widening (1,700m2) to Morton Bay Regional Council standards 
  • Traffic control for road widening 
  • Kerbing, footpaths and crossovers  
  • AC and linemarking  
  • Turfing and finishing works 

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